Football in St. Louis

Exactly one month ago we had yet another road trip planned.  This time for football in St. Louis.  The eldest two Things had a previous engagement so it was the youngest two and Husband Jared and I on the open road!  We left early on a Friday morning after dropping Thing 4 with his team and their bus.  Thing 3 was beyond thrilled that she was the only child for this stretch of our adventure.  In her mind that equated to multiple Starbucks trips and stopping at a moment's notice.  Let's just say it didn't exactly work out that way.  Although there were plenty of treats throughout the weekend. 
This is what teenagers apparently do on road trips...make up application when told we are actually getting out of the car for lunch. 

For most of our stay Thing 4 was with his team; For meals, traveling back and forth from the games to the hotel and for team meetings.  It was just the three of us for dinner the first night and we found this great gastro pub, The Shaved Duck.  Located in a quaint neighborhood and filling the corner with it's hanging sign and dim lights we did not know the greatness that awaited us.  We were amongst the locals and the vibe was laid back, mellow and cozy.  Just our style.  Definitely a place we'd visit again. 
Now I know I've only been talking about food and here is my disclaimer, the matches were not anything to write home about.  I'll get to those after breakfast.  I was desperate to introduce our friends to Park Ave coffee.  Saturday morning we drove into the  historic Lafayette neighborhood and feasted on ooey gooey butter bars and some of the best coffee.  What a fantastic start to our day.  I can not even begin to describe the goodness that is this café.  They've been featured on The Food Network and I have written about them before. If you are in the St. Louis area check them out, you will not be disappointed.  From there it was back to the hotel to meet Mema and Gpa, they were driving up from TN to watch Thing 4.  Unfortunately there is not much to report.  Thing 4 played alright, when he was on the pitch.  His team however did not fare so well.  On the bright side we knew there was another match to be played the next day.  Whew.  Thing 4 remained with his team mates to watch the other squads play and we went exploring.  Off to another historic neighborhood where the oak trees towered above and the lamp posts were nostalgic of a time long ago.  All afternoon we strolled and talked and laughed.  Then we made our way back to the hotel and lounged around all afternoon, making silly faces together.
The grandparents watching Thing 4.
Lamp posts lining the streets.  Aren't those just magical?
Phone selfie.  Husband Jared did not get the memo here. 
He did better here!
Since Thing 4 was dining with his teammates Gpa, Mema and the three of us headed out to dinner together.  Husband Jared had researched and discovered a great bbq place, Sugarfire Smoke House.  Oh my, I loved everything from the mosaic walls to the hot chicken biscuit and the local sodas made with real sugar.  Yum!  Mema and Thing 3 liked the inflatable dinosaur that greeted us.
Look at those lovely smiles.
Mosaic wall and menu, complete with bumper stickers and other accessories.
The night was complete and once again we returned to our hotel with full and happy bellies.  Time to turn in, we had an early morning ahead of us and a full day with another match and the drive home. Sunday brought us breakfast with the grandparents and another lack luster day on the pitch.  Thing 4 once again played well, taking some hard knocks and battling the entire game.  Even though the outcome was not in our favor we always enjoy watching Thing 4, I know Mema and Gpa did too!  After a quick recovery and team recap it was time for the trek home. 
Consoling the boy after a rough match.

He's almost as tall as Mema! 
And that about sums up our weekend in St. Louis.  Food, fun and footie.  Hugs and goodbyes and thank yous and see you soons.  Until next time St. Louis. 


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