For My Daughters

There is so much I want to say.  The urgency felt with one graduating high school and beginning the next chapter of her life.  Another right behind her and then still one more navigating the high school years.  And while at times I feel as though we share more, discuss more and love more there is always a nagging feeling that there is more to say.  Plenty that is left unsaid and still more that I yearn to ensure that they know.  That they are equipped.  That they are ready. 
What it is exactly they need to be ready for I am unaware.  Because really as the adult here, with plenty of years of life experience, ahem, we are never truly as prepared as we'd like to believe we are.  Daughters, that is a great place to start.  With the realization that we can prepare, arm ourselves and further book knowledge, which is all well and good, but we can never be "ready".  Not unless we are trusting Jesus with our lives.  Leaning into His purpose.  Which at times, let's be clear here, is not always revealed to us.  Sometimes not in the midst of the happenings, sometimes not before and sometimes not until after.  Even then it may be a mystery.  There are other times though that you will feel His push before you take the leap. Be grateful for those times.  And be grateful for the others too. 
I hope that you always remember you were knit together by Him.  Made in His image and are daughters of a King, which in turn makes you royalty.  Of the very best kind.  Clothed in His majesty.  There is no other out there like you.  From your stunning physical features to your beating heart and constantly working brain.  No one.  Daughters that alone causes this Mama much joy.  Knowing that I was chosen to parent you.  Three purposefully designed females, entrusted to me for such a time as this.  If that doesn't make me slack jawed I don't know what will.  Talk about being ill-equipped.  I have learned as we've lived together.  It hasn't been neat and tidy or Pinterest perfect nor would I want it that way.  I've made mistakes.  Yelled.  Cried.  Ignored.  Lacked empathy.  Not listened to you.  Not seen you for who you all are.  Thank you for your forgiveness.  And thank you Jesus for grace.
This can all sound cliché I'm sure.  Things I've said one hundred times before.  It bears repeating.  So here goes with some one liners, if you will, to carry with you all.  Maybe you want to print this out and keep it handy when you leave our home?  Or for now?  Just saying.
Your body is a temple.  A gift from God.  Treat it as such.  Take care of it.  Know what to say if the situation arises where someone isn't treating you as a daughter of the King.  Whether it be a boy, a man or another woman.  Remember that I will always be your fall guy when you don't have an out.  That's my job.  Brush and floss your teeth.  Trust me on this one.  It really does matter.  Exercise.  Good, heart racing, sweaty exercise.  Alot.  Especially when you feel down or upset or like giving up.  Science backs that one up.  Make your bed everyday, before you leave the house.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment all day.  Read.  Books, magazines, articles, cookbooks (wink, wink) blogs.  Just read.  It will help you find answers when you're searching.  It can take you to a far away place.  It can bring you back home when you feel lost.  Serve.  Get outside yourself and share a piece of who you are with others.  Think of someone else first.  Find a way to give of your time.  Your finances.  Even when you think you have nothing to offer.  Do it anyway.  Wash your sheets once a week.  There are bed bugs and dead skin and other stuff.  Wash them, please.  Eat your vegetables.  Green ones preferably.  Wash your face at night.  Take your make up off.  Look people in the eye when you're talking to them.  Always shake with your right hand.  Mind your manners, a thank you can go a long way.  Remember that we do not know everyone's story, use kindness when dealing with difficult people.  Honey from our lips, not venom.  That is a great bit right there.  Wear sunscreen.  When you're old and have wrinkles like me you will thank me for this one.  I could mention drugs and alcohol here.  Might be controversial.  Just know that both can inhibit your decision making ability.  They can make you say and do things you wouldn't otherwise.  Trust me on that one.  Please remember that if you have questions you can ask me, you can ask your Dad.  Sometimes asking Google is not a good idea.  Or a peer group.  Other times it is.  But still, ask me after.  For another opinion.  Have dance parties.  Like loud music and singing and dancing.  Then laugh till it hurts.  Often.  Travel, take chances and dream big.  Then pray and step into the next of your journey.  Wherever that may be.  Your story is important.  Live it well.  And share it.  It matters, so very much.  Every part of it.  Even the chapters we don't want to discuss out loud.  Those are irreplaceable.  Love.  My favorite.  Such a simple word.  Only four letters.  Yet so profound.  Love God, love yourself, love others.  And remember that love does.  ALWAYS. 

I am quite certain that there are at least a million more quips to share with you.  This might be a recurring post.  Changing and edited as we go along.  For now this is it.  I am honored to be Mama to you three.  If I adored you any more my heart would surely burst.  Be strong, be courageous and know you are loved.  By me but even more so by our heavenly Father.  Carry on beloved warriors.  

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  1. cheryl lee Says:

    And don't ever forget that if you can't talk to mama, Nani always has an open ear, loving hug and time to listen!

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