And on to Istanbul

Today is our last day here in Turkey.  Husband Jared is at the new store in Ankara and I am here in our hotel, catching up on emails, working, studying, enjoying my coffee and preparing for the last leg of our journey.  And of course counting down the hours until I can hold my Things again.

Thing 1 has not wanted to SKYPE with us.  She will casually walk past the computer screen when we are chatting with the others but she will not put the headphones and speak to us.  I have missed her voice so last night Nani tore her away from distractions and she sat and talked to us.  Well, she really didn't talk so much as just answer the questions that we asked.  One word answers.  Except for the "I don't remember" she gave us when we asked how she scored her goal in her game on Sunday.  Really?  Oh to be 13 again.

Things 2, 3 and 4 have been quite conversational and very interested in all that is happening here.  After our house hunting adventure Thing 4 said, "Just make sure I can see the ocean and it has a pool".  Why yes Prince William, your wish is my desire.  Things 2 and 3 were concerned about my clothing situation and needed to approve my purchases.  I had to be a model mom and do turns for them so they could see my outfits and offer their fashion advice. 

Oh how I miss them. I simply can not wait to squeeze them and kiss their sweet little cheeks.

And lest I forget, my luggage arrived safely late last night after it enjoyed a nice vacation in Amsterdam. 

Hopefully today will bring adventures in Istanbul and tomorrow will bring trouble free travels back to the states.

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  1. Chamberlain Clan Says:

    Oh good, your luggage got there just in time to travel home with you, LOL!! Gottta laugh! Cant wait to find out which house you choose!! It is like watching an episode of house hunters!! luvin u, Aunt tree

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