Country Music Marathon...Completed

The marathon is finished.  I ran it.  The entire 13.1 miles.  No really I did.  I have had to pinch myself several times since the race on Saturday to remind myself that I did actually accomplish that feat.  Up the countless hills, without stopping and more importantly, without puking.  Amen sister.

It wasn't that I thought I couldn't do it.  I was just flat out scared.  Fearful even that I didn't train enough, I wasn't prepared, my body couldn't handle it, and all the what if's that we allow to seap in when there is a challenge before us.  Despite all of those, I DID IT!

And my parents DID IT as well.  We all started out together in the corral, waiting anxiously to have the rope drop and take off onto the course.  After we ridded our bodies of all the "nervous pee", that's what I call it.  Pretty sure that is not the technical name for it.  I must have had to find the porta potties at least 2 times before the race and maybe 2 during.  My body was literally running on adrenaline.  Anyhow, Dad, Mom and I all separated on the course.  Each of us in our zone and running our own race.  Periodically I would look up at a turn and look for them but by mile 6 everyone started looking the same. 

By mile 9 I wasn't sure I could make it.  I lie.  I knew I could I just wasn't so sure my 100  pound legs could make it.  And then I would power through.  Mind over matter.  A fast paced, upbeat song, a prayer that needed to be said and then I would look  up and see the next mile marker.  Thats what carried me through.

Side note here, we three runners were sharing stories and Dad said, "About mile 9 I hit a wall".  Thing 3 responded with, "Really?".  As in she was concerned that her Poppi actually ran into something.  Out of the mouths of babes, or Things in this case. 

Crossing the finish line was the reward.  We may not have all three crossed together but I ran my own race and finished.  I have the medal to prove it. 

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