The Team

Another gorgeous day here in Turkey and a lighter, happier me.

I must say the Best Buy team here has been nothing short of wonderful.  Husband Jared and I met "the team" for dinner last night at a traditional Turkish restaurant.  A restaurant that began as what we Americans would call a "lunch truck".  It is now a well established, incredible eatery.  I only wish I would have taken photographs of the amazing display of food that was presented.  Oh my, a foodies dream. 

Waiting on the table when we arrived was a flower arrangement that took me by surprise.  Thinking the restaurant had arranged it for the "Best Buy" people I nearly fell over when I was presented with a display of day lillies with lemon leaf and babys breath.  All were concerned about my rough start on my first visit here.  The flowers are simply stunning and the gesture so genuine.

After meeting all these people and being able to place faces with names I have only heard of I began to fell at ease. I must admit to having a case of nerves before the dinner.  First impressions are important.  I tried.  We laughed and all the anxiousness began to melt away.  Well somewhat.  Introductions to the food, the style, the expectation of Turkish meals not to mention enlightening insights to each and every person sitting at the table was a treat.  Each member bringing some unique talent and personality to the team.

What an honor.  I am filled with respect and touched at the grand welcome I received last night.  I look forward to returning the hospitality once we are settled in our new home.

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  1. Corynn Says:

    Wow sounds like you have a lot to talk about. We want to hear all about your experiences in the foreign land. It sounds as though it was very eventful. I hope that you had success in finding a home and a good school for your kids. We hope your first experience over there was a good one and want to hear all about it.
    Love J and Corynn

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