Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs

On Saturday before heading out for the day we dyed our Easter eggs.  It was a new experience for us.  We marbled them.  Blue, green, yellow, purple and pink.  They were beautiful.  Here are a few photos of the project. 
The Things were all so careful as not to get the dye on the counters, or floors, or themselves.  Ok, maybe not so much themselves.  They had one gloved hand and then we placed a warm hard boiled egg in it, squirted the correct amount of marbling color and they went to work.  Fun was had by all.
And then on Easter morning after church and breakfast we hid the eggs around the house.  Taking special care with the coveted Golden Egg.  All of the other eggs were found with exception of the Golden Egg.  The Things scoured high and low and still no luck.  Until..
Thing 3 looked in an empty coffee cup on the kitchen counter.  Way to go Thing 3!  She was rewarded, with cash money of course.  And so the tradition continues.  Better luck next year the rest of you Things!

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