Citizenship, tearful goodbyes and The Cheesecake Factory

This might just be the most random post ever so I will apologize up front.  Please keep reading, it is worth it. 
Thing1 and Thing 2 both received The Citizenship award for their grade last week, unbeknownst to this Mama.  I was taken by surprise while sittting in the bleachers. 
 First, Thing 2's grade.  She also earned an A Average Award, for the entire year, and highest average for her science class.  Side note, she might be teaching science for the upcoming school year.  And then the teachers explained the next award, how important it is, what it means and the deserving young lady who achieved such an honor.  Whoa.  I was in tears already before I even heard Thing 2's name.  When she went to the front of the gym and looked up to see her Mama's tears she mouthed to the entire 5th and 6th grade classes, and a group of parents, "please don't cry Mama".  And then wouldn't you know it, everyone turned and looked at me. 
Now, Thing 1.  I knew by staying for her grade's assembly I might be risking embarassment and the possibility of being shunned by my ever so cool almost 8th grader.  But stay I did and when Thing 1 saw me sitting in the bleachers she too felt it necessary to stand and mouth the words, "Why are you here?".  Someone please tell me why we parents do this to ourselves?  Oh yeah, we love those Things like crazy, I birthed them, do I not have the right to support their endeavors?  Well someday she will understand and for now I will be there for the milestones, big and small.  And maybe seemingly irrelevant to them.  So, the ceremony was coming to a close and Thing 1 had not been called to the podium, as of yet.  Ms. Vines, one of her core teachers explained to the group that the next award was most important.  More so than letter grades and academic acheivements.  While I agree completely with her I had never heard a teacher say so publicly.  Amen sister.  She went on to explain what a difficult decision it is to choose the recipient, what is required of the student and so forth.  Needless to say, not an easy task.  And then Thing 1 heard her name.  Of course she scanned the room to ensure that everyone was watching her and in all her surprise she wandered to the front and received her award.  No pictures with teachers or the award were allowed so take a look below, this is the best I got!
After recovering from the emotional state I was in we did make it to the last day of school.  Which I knew in my heart would be bittersweet.  While you may know I am not a fan of the institution we were welcomed into the PGS family and it has not been easy to say goodbye.  Even though it is only for a short while.  The Things had parties, yearbook signings, t-shirt signings and recess and I ran back and forth to all 4 classrooms doing my best to deliver presents, thank you's and hugs to all our amazing teachers.  Friends of Things were hugging me, asking me to sign t-shirts and telling me how much they would miss my Things.  Do you know how hard it was for this Mama to stay together?  The water works came pouring down.  One staff member and friend asked about our departure date and plans and I just stared blankly at her.  I don't know what came over me.  Poor lady just backed away slowly and said quietly, "I understand, no more questions".  Thank you.  Enough said. 

I must not forget Thing 3's and Thing 4's awards assembly.  Each child that is leaving the school family for whatever reason is acknowledged.  Mr.K, our principal, announces the students and they receive a certificate.  Thing 3 and Thing 4 were announced and asked where they are moving to and Thing 4 loudly said, "Turkey".  In his cutest Thing 4 little boy voice.  And then the water works started again.  Thing 4 was also part of a very special math class this year.  Her teacher Ms. Lampley was a gift.  They had a math olympiad and Thing 4 was acknowledged for participating in that as well. 

Here are Thing 3 and Thing 4 with their teachers on the last day of school. 

And after the 2 hour last day of school Thing 3, two of her bestest friends and I headed to Cheesecake Factory for a long overdue birthday celebration.  Mmm, mmm! 
The girls were so excited.  We shared popcorn shrimp, ate our entrees and ended with a slice of cheesecake, not to be shared.  They even sang to  Thing 4, quite loudly I might add.  These two friends made the day so special.

The day did not end there.  Thing 3 had her two friends for a sleep over, Thing 1 had two friends for a sleep over, Thing 2 headed to her BFF's for a sleep over and Thing 4 had pool time with his friends.  All in all an eventful few days.  This is what my house looked like the morning after the sleep over extravaganza!

And now moving on, but not without first saying how proud I am of the Things.  Awards aside these Things have weathered many changes.  They have adapted, shown their resiliency and displayed admirable character through it all.  Of course not without bumps in the road.  Here we stand ready to embark on yet another adventure and we will celebrate where we have been and where we are going. 
That my friends shall conclude the most random post.  Seriously, I will get it together and post something cohesive soon.  Thanks.

2 Response to "Citizenship, tearful goodbyes and The Cheesecake Factory"

  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    I am very proud of your Things! It was amazing to spend the few days with you! You truly are a wonderful Mom of Things, and I believe that they have been raised by two careing, patient and faith filled parents! Love you all,
    Aunt Robin

  2. Corynn Stuck Says:

    Ok, why did I cry through this entire post?! So cute and I can just picture you up there in the stands crying as each kiddo received their award. I agree with Aunt Robin, it is a true reflection on you as a mother. Their success would not have come without your will and determination to make them successful students. Good job mama!!

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