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So for today, Saturday 26/06, I would like to share my first guest writer with you, Thing 2.

Hey everybody!! I am out here in Izmir,Turkey thinking to myself how can I wake up between 11-12!! The food here is amazing!! They have excellent dessert! I have had it with almost every meal!! Our house is huge and I get my very own room! The pool is deep and a weird shape,but its very fun to swim in!! Yesterday, I went swimming at our house and I made up this exercise club! I did 50 sit ups with my legs hanging over the edge of the pool and then I swam a lap around the pool! I did free-style,back stroke,under-water, and the frog!! It was fun and my abs hurt after! Then we came back to the hotel and walked to dinner! We walked by the water after and the waves were so small compared to California!!(they were only like a foot tall and some not even that!!) Oh and something weird about Izmir is there are a lot of stray dogs and cats!!! We walked past a dog and it came over to me and looked at me with it's sad eyes and so of course I pet it!!I told my mom after that,"How could I say no to those sad eyes,it makes you feel bad for them." I love you all!!

Thing 2!!<3

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  1. Natalie Horel Says:

    That dog looked like a Bob dog...
    Thanks for your post. We like to hear what you kiddos are up to.

    Love you,
    Aunt Natalie

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