Happy Birthday Husband Jared

 Today this man celebrated his birthday.  And we celebrated him.  All 35 years of him. 
His day began with a World Cup match at 6:30am.  After an exhilerating viewing of the Netherlands vs. Denmark we were off for birthday shopping and lunch with Papa and Linda and Thing 1 and Thing 4.  The other Things were at friends' houses.  We lunched at 55 South, enjoyed delish oysters and took in yet another soccer game.  Italy vs. Paraguay this time around.  We snuck in a quick stop to see Natalie and Autumn and then out to Reeves' place once again for another birthday dinner.
We ate raviolis, salad, garlic bread and chocolate pudding pie for dessert.  I will have photos to show, later.  As when we are actually in Turkey and settled. 
Anyhow, it was a satisfactory birthday.  Husband Jared was pleased. 

And I am beyond pleased and grateful and in love and all of the above for the man whom I call Husband.  We have celebrated many birthdays together.  Not too many to count and each of which was full of memories.  Every year a gift waiting to be opened, surprises unfolding and adventures waiting to be taken.  You are an amazing man Husband Jared, happy birthday to you!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story.

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