Thankful Thursday #14

Today I am thankful for:
123. Home
124. Life lessons through the eyes of Thng 2
125. Make up shopping with Thing 1
126. An ambitious husband
127. Family
128. Love - it will conquer all
129. Faith
130. Hugs from friends
131. Warm coffee
132. Husband Jared starting the car for me in the morning
133. Hydrangeas on my dining room table

Thankful Thursday #13

(Note that this was the TT post from last Thursday - 1/21/2010)
Today I am thankful for:
113. the stormy weather here in Nashville
114. People who love Haiti
115. Compassion International
116. Prayers
117. flying on an airplane to see my family
118. In n Out Cheeseburgers
119. M&M cookies on a rainy day
120. A sister and brother in law who will love Polo while we are away
121. traveling with the 4 Things
122. Husband Jared and his strong shoulders


Alone but not, dark, yet light is shining down
Wrecked and broken, tired and weary
Losing the battle, unsure of the plan
Trusting and questioning, being still to listen
Opening eyes to read
Opening heart to heal
Everything's gonna be alright now...

This and That

A few weekends ago Jared and I watched the movie "Julie and Julia".  I was thrilled that Santa put the movie in my stocking and well when I watched it, I almost wished he hadn't.  When the movie was in theatres I wanted nothing more than to see it.  Although I never could quite convince husband that we actually "needed" to spend the money on the theatre experience.  Anyhow.  I digress.  While it may have inspired me to do more cooking from cookbooks and get out of my comfort zone, it was dissappointing. 

The movie focused on a self centered, emotionally handicapped 30 year old woman.  I would have much rather seen more of the life of Julia.  Was she who she said she was?  Where did this passion for food come from?  Did her and Paul really have the passion filled marriage they portrayed on the big screen?  And then I realized that while the movie failed to live up to my expectations, isn't that life?  And couldn't I just as easily be that 30 something year old woman, too consumed with herself and her own life to not notice the people around me? 

The answer is of course yes.  Yes, I could set out for some grand cause and only fall short.  And I do, daily.  I could also crawl into a hole and lose myself in the tunnel. I won't.  I couldn't.  I have four Things that do rely on me for cooking and laundry if nothing else.  Oh that and back scratching and hugs before bed too. 

There was no relationship outside of herself for Julie.  Poor her, she was/is missing out.  Of course this is just my opinion and while I am not a paid movie critic I am an entitled to that, am I not?


There has been a devestating natural disaster in Haiti.  People who were hurting already and in desperate need are needing more.  Please join me on our knees together to pray for Haiti. 

Just this morning I discovered a few ways to help monetarily if you are wanting to.  Here they are:

You can text 90999 to Red Cross to donate $10 to their relief efforts, it will be added to your monthly cell phone bill
Go to then look for "donate" and choose "International Response Fund"
You can also visit the Compassion website 

Thank you and please share this information with your family and friends.

"If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth." 1 John 3:17-18

Thankful Thursday #12

Today I am thankful for:
112. 12 year old snuggles from Thing 1 last night
113. Brave Thing 4 at the dentist yesterday
114. Hugs between Thing 2 and Thing 3
115. My Mom and Dad
116. "Jesus Calling" Devotional
117. Prayer
118. Friend who picks up Thing 2 from youth group at the last minute
119. Aunts who help plan surprises for my Mom
120. Cousins
121. My computer

The Gift of Forgiveness

And it truly is a gift.  First given by the Father Himself and His Son.  We, as Christians, are called to be Christ- like and follow His example.  We are to forgive.  Sometimes for the other person.  Sometimes for ourselves.  Quick to forgive and quick to repent. 

Which leads me to a story that had my brain and my heart working overtime this morning.  Thing 2 and Thing 3 were rough housing last night.  Tickling and wrestling and running and letting out little girl yelps.  Husband Jared and I were laughing and enjoying the show until it turned to tears.  That can happen within miliseconds in this  house.  Of course we started off with the usual, what did you expect to happen?  And that's what happens when you rough house, someone ALWAYS gets hurt.  Then after a minute we realized what actually happened.  Thing 3 pulled Thing 2 down to the ground by her hair. 

Hello New Mexico soccer player what are you doing in my house?  And when did that ever seem like a good idea? 

We proceeded with the parent talk of how it wasn't ok to retaliate, that's not what Jesus would do.  We say that alot around here.  It's a good reminder, for all of us.  And then we tended to Thing 2's hurts.  Which of course were deeper that just her hair being pulled.  Thing 3 thought Thing 2 shut the door on her in Thing 4's room on purpose.  Thing 2 claimed that she didn't see Thing 3 standing there.  Kinda hard to miss her person, don't you think?  Hugs were doled out, Thing 3 went to her room crying and yelling, "doesn't it matter to you that she slammed the door on my face?".  Well, no pumpkin not right now it doesn't.

 Here comes bruised ego and bruised heart.  A third child trying to decipher her role in this family.  Tender hearted and empathetic.  She cried, I talked.  All those things that Mamas say when their children are hurting.  All those things our Father takes in when we hurt.  Thing 2 was better and moved on.  Thing 3 sulked and journaled. 

We were getting ready to have family movie night, snuggled on the sofa, blankets covered and close.  Thing 3 passed Husband Jared and I this note:

Lesson learned, for now.  How sweet those words, "I am sorry". 
And how sweet it is to feel that in your heart. To ask for forgiveness and to receive it so freely.

Then I began to think how many times my Father has had to show me that lesson, again and again.  I am so grateful today for His mercies which are new everyday.  Amen and Amen.


Fluttering this way and that
Wandering here and there
Wanting time standing still

Hearts full and arms open
Mind stretched and knees aching
Hands reaching high
Eyes lifted

His name on my lips
Reminded of praise
Gratitude flowing
Hearing music in my heart

Slowly a change
Crumbling of hurts
Sacks traded, crowns bestowed
Beauty from ashes

Snow Day

Our day started off with these scrumptious delights. Ok, it didn't really start out with them, after being awake for 3 hours and slaving away in the kitchen we ate these for breakfast.  I received a new cookbook for Christmas from Husband and Things and was itching to try the cinnamon roll recipe.  Oh my word, I have no words.  Take a look at how ooey gooey and inviting these are...

And then we watched the snow.  It was really coming down.  Although once it hit it turned icy and slushy and not any good for sledding.  That didn't stop the Things from playing in it though.  Polo even enjoyed the weather, running and walking gingerly on the ice at the park.  It didnt' slow him down a bit.  Then Thing 2 played at her BFF's house, Thing 3 had her BFF over and Thing 1 and Thing 4 played along. We tried to sled in the old hood but this is what the hill looked like this afternoon...

We were still able to snap some cute snapshots, take a look.  And Thing 2 and the other neighborhood kids made it into the local newspaper. 
Thing 4 was none too excited to be out braving the elements with us.

But her siblings still found time to pose with friends and climb the trees leading into the neighborhood.

And then yesterday, Friday the 8th, was yet another snow day, two in a row.  This is what I had to drive in to get my grocery shopping done and take the Things sledding again.
Only this time they were sliding on the black ice that had developed in the old hood.  What fun.  It was in the teens yesterday with the wind chill but that didn't seem to stop anyone from enjoying another free day!
If this is what January looks like I can only imagine what our February will be!  We love snow!

Thankful Thursday #11

On this first Thankful Thursday of 2010 this is what I am thankful for:
101. snow days - even without the snow
102. sleeping in
103. staying up late with Things playing Life and watching movies
104. wearing jammies inside out thinking it will make it snow
105. old movies
106. photographs
107. friends who are more interested in helping people that what's in it for them
108. vehicles that run well
109. my brother
110. my brother's wife who is helping me plan my mom's b-day party
111. our new place of residence, AKA HOME!

A Surprise Christmas Present

Well for those of you that know Jeff and Natalie this will come as no surprise, they love our Things and they love to make memories with them.  They would much rather spend money on an activity they can all enjoy together rather than some toy that will be discarded and forgotten within weeks.  I concur.  In true fashion this Christmas they planned a surprise trip for my Things.

 Only this time we couldn't even tell the Things that something big was happening.  Instead they wrapped movie passes and the Things' favorite candies and gave those to them on Christmas morning.  Thing 1 had already come to terms with the fact that they probably weren't going anywhere this year with "Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jeff because of the baby", her words exactly, and "no big deal" she said, "I am sure I will like what they give us anyway."

Yeah right, for about a month I was living for the moment that I could watch the Things hide their dissappointment when they opened Jeff and Natalie's presents.  Jared said I was sick, maybe.  But since I knew the impending plans I knew that this was fleeting.  Really, movie passes are nothing to be upset about, in fact we have already used said movie passes and enjoyed not spending $100 just to see a movie and have popcorn at the theatre.  I digress. 

On Sunday morning after Christmas I woke the Things up like I usually do, only not for church today.  I told them we were going to the later service and they needed to get dressed for breakfast.  Jeff and Natalie were joining us and we were going out.  I had already secretly packed the van with their overnight bags, travel bags, enough movies to last a good 6 hours and their snow gear!  Yes I said snow gear!  Jeff and Natalie arrived, loaded their bags in the van, I kissed the Things and told them to enjoy breakfast and then 5 hours later they were in Ohio.    Ready to do this...

Snow tubing!
They rode up the hill on a people mover and then slid down, it was even snowing!

That's Thing 4 hiding underneath all of his layers of clothing, it was cold.

Aunt Natalie had to sit this one out, she was the photographer and video operator.

They even tubed under the lights, look at the size of those snow flakes.

Thing 2 and Thing 4 carrying the tubes to ride up the hill.

And then as if that wasn't enough, the hotel they stayed at that night was decorated to similate a pirate ship.  Two levels, with masts and hidden beds and a spub, as named by the Things.  That is a spa and bath tub together.  What a treat, I am not sure if they were more excited about tubing and being in the snow or this themed hotel room. 

They all were given pirate names and Aunt Natalie was dubbed, Princess Natalie.  But of course.

What a trip, what a surprise, what memories the Things have made.  Thank you Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie.  We love you!

Guess What?

Can you guess what is happening here?

How about now?

On New Years day Daddy Jared took out Thing 3's stitches.
Disclaimer:  No tears were shed in the making of this blog post.

Hello 2010!

This is how we started off 2010, Thing 3 and me snugggled on the sofa reading our latest novels.

And then we moved on to this, when the rest of the household started waking up.

Husband Jared was cookin' bacon, his specialty, and I had these on the griddle...

Stuffed french toast, a'la Leanna...

And then we played some of this...

And Thing 4 did some of this...

All in all it was a super start to what is going to be a great year!

Goodbye 2009 and Goodbye Friends...Not forever though!

We welcomed in 2010 at our good friends' home in our old 'hood, Clairmonte.  It was a "farewell for now" party to our friends the Durbins.  They are headed to Algood, yes that really is the name of the city, in just a week.  The Durbins are parents to Delaney's BFF, Madison.  She is like a daughter to me and to say that tears were shed this night might be an understatement.  Regardless of the occasion for the party we still found time to do this...

and we ate some of this...

and us grown ups wanted our picture taken too...

We just couldn't quite stop laughing!

We made a grown up scrap book for Jed and Brenda, a walk down memory lane, or Kelly Court if you will!

And one for Madison too, each of the kiddos made a special page for her!

And then our kiddos stopped moving and let us snap this photo of all of them, what a bunch!

And here is the man whom I shared my first kiss of 2010 with...

Here's to you and yours in 2010!

Are you Ready for This?

Alright I am coming at you today with a barrage of posts, lots of pictures and few words.  Happy Tuesday!


Today is 2010 and today this woman turns 50! 

Happy Birthday Mom, Nani and Best Friend!

Here's looking at you!

Hope the next 50 are abundantly filled with blessings! 

We are all looking forward to celebrating with you.

And may God bring you many more sunsets to admire.
I love you more than words and I am so grateful God chose you to be my Mom.
Happy birthday!