Goodbye 2009 and Goodbye Friends...Not forever though!

We welcomed in 2010 at our good friends' home in our old 'hood, Clairmonte.  It was a "farewell for now" party to our friends the Durbins.  They are headed to Algood, yes that really is the name of the city, in just a week.  The Durbins are parents to Delaney's BFF, Madison.  She is like a daughter to me and to say that tears were shed this night might be an understatement.  Regardless of the occasion for the party we still found time to do this...

and we ate some of this...

and us grown ups wanted our picture taken too...

We just couldn't quite stop laughing!

We made a grown up scrap book for Jed and Brenda, a walk down memory lane, or Kelly Court if you will!

And one for Madison too, each of the kiddos made a special page for her!

And then our kiddos stopped moving and let us snap this photo of all of them, what a bunch!

And here is the man whom I shared my first kiss of 2010 with...

Here's to you and yours in 2010!

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    what a fun night! you guys look like you enjoyed the last get together of the year with great friends!
    p.s. love the shot of polo!

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