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A few weekends ago Jared and I watched the movie "Julie and Julia".  I was thrilled that Santa put the movie in my stocking and well when I watched it, I almost wished he hadn't.  When the movie was in theatres I wanted nothing more than to see it.  Although I never could quite convince husband that we actually "needed" to spend the money on the theatre experience.  Anyhow.  I digress.  While it may have inspired me to do more cooking from cookbooks and get out of my comfort zone, it was dissappointing. 

The movie focused on a self centered, emotionally handicapped 30 year old woman.  I would have much rather seen more of the life of Julia.  Was she who she said she was?  Where did this passion for food come from?  Did her and Paul really have the passion filled marriage they portrayed on the big screen?  And then I realized that while the movie failed to live up to my expectations, isn't that life?  And couldn't I just as easily be that 30 something year old woman, too consumed with herself and her own life to not notice the people around me? 

The answer is of course yes.  Yes, I could set out for some grand cause and only fall short.  And I do, daily.  I could also crawl into a hole and lose myself in the tunnel. I won't.  I couldn't.  I have four Things that do rely on me for cooking and laundry if nothing else.  Oh that and back scratching and hugs before bed too. 

There was no relationship outside of herself for Julie.  Poor her, she was/is missing out.  Of course this is just my opinion and while I am not a paid movie critic I am an entitled to that, am I not?

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