Thankful Thursday #12

Today I am thankful for:
112. 12 year old snuggles from Thing 1 last night
113. Brave Thing 4 at the dentist yesterday
114. Hugs between Thing 2 and Thing 3
115. My Mom and Dad
116. "Jesus Calling" Devotional
117. Prayer
118. Friend who picks up Thing 2 from youth group at the last minute
119. Aunts who help plan surprises for my Mom
120. Cousins
121. My computer

1 Response to "Thankful Thursday #12"

  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    wow - so much to be thankful for -- I actually journeled my blessings this morning, I think I've been taking all I have for granted lately and needed to see all I really DO have and that should be ENOUGH!
    love ya girlie, see you in one week (7 days) however many 24 x 7 is, ya know I was never good at math!!!

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