A Surprise Christmas Present

Well for those of you that know Jeff and Natalie this will come as no surprise, they love our Things and they love to make memories with them.  They would much rather spend money on an activity they can all enjoy together rather than some toy that will be discarded and forgotten within weeks.  I concur.  In true fashion this Christmas they planned a surprise trip for my Things.

 Only this time we couldn't even tell the Things that something big was happening.  Instead they wrapped movie passes and the Things' favorite candies and gave those to them on Christmas morning.  Thing 1 had already come to terms with the fact that they probably weren't going anywhere this year with "Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jeff because of the baby", her words exactly, and "no big deal" she said, "I am sure I will like what they give us anyway."

Yeah right, for about a month I was living for the moment that I could watch the Things hide their dissappointment when they opened Jeff and Natalie's presents.  Jared said I was sick, maybe.  But since I knew the impending plans I knew that this was fleeting.  Really, movie passes are nothing to be upset about, in fact we have already used said movie passes and enjoyed not spending $100 just to see a movie and have popcorn at the theatre.  I digress. 

On Sunday morning after Christmas I woke the Things up like I usually do, only not for church today.  I told them we were going to the later service and they needed to get dressed for breakfast.  Jeff and Natalie were joining us and we were going out.  I had already secretly packed the van with their overnight bags, travel bags, enough movies to last a good 6 hours and their snow gear!  Yes I said snow gear!  Jeff and Natalie arrived, loaded their bags in the van, I kissed the Things and told them to enjoy breakfast and then 5 hours later they were in Ohio.    Ready to do this...

Snow tubing!
They rode up the hill on a people mover and then slid down, it was even snowing!

That's Thing 4 hiding underneath all of his layers of clothing, it was cold.

Aunt Natalie had to sit this one out, she was the photographer and video operator.

They even tubed under the lights, look at the size of those snow flakes.

Thing 2 and Thing 4 carrying the tubes to ride up the hill.

And then as if that wasn't enough, the hotel they stayed at that night was decorated to similate a pirate ship.  Two levels, with masts and hidden beds and a spub, as named by the Things.  That is a spa and bath tub together.  What a treat, I am not sure if they were more excited about tubing and being in the snow or this themed hotel room. 

They all were given pirate names and Aunt Natalie was dubbed, Princess Natalie.  But of course.

What a trip, what a surprise, what memories the Things have made.  Thank you Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie.  We love you!

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    WOW - awesome surprise! you rock Aunt Nat and Uncle Jeff!

  2. Sheila E Says:

    GREAT present,looks like everyone had a wonderful time on the secret get away!

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