Snow Day

Our day started off with these scrumptious delights. Ok, it didn't really start out with them, after being awake for 3 hours and slaving away in the kitchen we ate these for breakfast.  I received a new cookbook for Christmas from Husband and Things and was itching to try the cinnamon roll recipe.  Oh my word, I have no words.  Take a look at how ooey gooey and inviting these are...

And then we watched the snow.  It was really coming down.  Although once it hit it turned icy and slushy and not any good for sledding.  That didn't stop the Things from playing in it though.  Polo even enjoyed the weather, running and walking gingerly on the ice at the park.  It didnt' slow him down a bit.  Then Thing 2 played at her BFF's house, Thing 3 had her BFF over and Thing 1 and Thing 4 played along. We tried to sled in the old hood but this is what the hill looked like this afternoon...

We were still able to snap some cute snapshots, take a look.  And Thing 2 and the other neighborhood kids made it into the local newspaper. 
Thing 4 was none too excited to be out braving the elements with us.

But her siblings still found time to pose with friends and climb the trees leading into the neighborhood.

And then yesterday, Friday the 8th, was yet another snow day, two in a row.  This is what I had to drive in to get my grocery shopping done and take the Things sledding again.
Only this time they were sliding on the black ice that had developed in the old hood.  What fun.  It was in the teens yesterday with the wind chill but that didn't seem to stop anyone from enjoying another free day!
If this is what January looks like I can only imagine what our February will be!  We love snow!

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