The Gift of Forgiveness

And it truly is a gift.  First given by the Father Himself and His Son.  We, as Christians, are called to be Christ- like and follow His example.  We are to forgive.  Sometimes for the other person.  Sometimes for ourselves.  Quick to forgive and quick to repent. 

Which leads me to a story that had my brain and my heart working overtime this morning.  Thing 2 and Thing 3 were rough housing last night.  Tickling and wrestling and running and letting out little girl yelps.  Husband Jared and I were laughing and enjoying the show until it turned to tears.  That can happen within miliseconds in this  house.  Of course we started off with the usual, what did you expect to happen?  And that's what happens when you rough house, someone ALWAYS gets hurt.  Then after a minute we realized what actually happened.  Thing 3 pulled Thing 2 down to the ground by her hair. 

Hello New Mexico soccer player what are you doing in my house?  And when did that ever seem like a good idea? 

We proceeded with the parent talk of how it wasn't ok to retaliate, that's not what Jesus would do.  We say that alot around here.  It's a good reminder, for all of us.  And then we tended to Thing 2's hurts.  Which of course were deeper that just her hair being pulled.  Thing 3 thought Thing 2 shut the door on her in Thing 4's room on purpose.  Thing 2 claimed that she didn't see Thing 3 standing there.  Kinda hard to miss her person, don't you think?  Hugs were doled out, Thing 3 went to her room crying and yelling, "doesn't it matter to you that she slammed the door on my face?".  Well, no pumpkin not right now it doesn't.

 Here comes bruised ego and bruised heart.  A third child trying to decipher her role in this family.  Tender hearted and empathetic.  She cried, I talked.  All those things that Mamas say when their children are hurting.  All those things our Father takes in when we hurt.  Thing 2 was better and moved on.  Thing 3 sulked and journaled. 

We were getting ready to have family movie night, snuggled on the sofa, blankets covered and close.  Thing 3 passed Husband Jared and I this note:

Lesson learned, for now.  How sweet those words, "I am sorry". 
And how sweet it is to feel that in your heart. To ask for forgiveness and to receive it so freely.

Then I began to think how many times my Father has had to show me that lesson, again and again.  I am so grateful today for His mercies which are new everyday.  Amen and Amen.

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