We have arrived in America, Phoenix, Arizona to be precise.  Actually we have been here since last Sunday night.  And with the exception of a race to the gate in Chicago, no boarding passes for that flight and a few pieces of misplaced luggage the trip was uneventful.  Oh, and of course I must mention Thing 2's lost Ipod.  How do those things happen?  Oh well, we must be thankful that the six of us arrived unscathed and with a majority of our sanity in tact.  After a 24 hour day of travel there is something to be said for those accomplishments.

Since witnessing Thing 4's non-stop talking about how excited he was and how waking early and flying all day was "so worth it" we have made the most of every moment.  From the neck squeezes in the airport baggage claim to the daily mundane, this trip will be filled with sweet memories.

Our first stop before heading to Nani and Poppi's was In-n-Out.  The Things were craving a proper cheeseburger, seems the kofte in Turkey just isn't the same.  Auntie Robin and Nani drove through and we were greeted at the house by our beloved Polo and cousins, Kaya and Eden.  They had made signs welcoming us back to America, so fun.  Polo jumped on the Things and showed his excitement, which in turn made the Things squeal.  It was a sight.

Our first day was spent relaxing, catching up and enjoying the Arizona sunshine.  Target was calling the girls' names and we headed out for a quick shopping rendezvous with the store we missed the most while in Turkey.  Poppi and the boys left us for an electronic and sport trip to Best Buy and Sport Chalet.  Target apparently doesn't hold the same appeal for the opposite gender. Anyhow, we met Aunt Tina at Babbo for dinner and she was our waitress.  The Things and cousins haggled her and continued to tell her that she looked so familar, duh.  Nani and I went to Bible study together and the Poppi and Husband Jared treated the kiddos frozen yogurt.  A great start to our holiday.

Day 2 had a surprise in store.  Poppi and Nani took us all out for mini golf, bumper boats and go karts.  The Things could not have had more fun.  We raced on the track, were competitive as ever with our golf scores and got ourselves soaked on the bumper boats.  Thing 1 wound up completely drenched, so much so that we had to make a run to the store for a new outfit for her.  Laughter was the theme for the day.  After a tasty lunch and a round of new training shoes for the family we headed home to meet Papa and Linda and Framma for dinner.  What a treat.  Stories were shared, photos shown, slide show style on Poppi's fancy tele and the Things told stories of life in Turkey.  Our night ended with a blazing fire and s'mores.  We all collapsed into bed dreaming of our plans for the zoo on Wednesday.

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  1. k25tnfcchick:) Says:

    Im glad you are back and safe.
    we saw you guyes at church but it was to late to run over and say hello we would of.
    I cant wait to see you guyes i saw pictures o my gosh they look alot older. Mabey me and Dalanie can hang out this weekend.
    I cant wait till i see you guyes in person again.
    I hope you guyes had a Great time.
    Thanks for every thing.
    Thanks,Karissa Stewart (tnfc coach ray)

  2. k25tnfcchick:) Says:

    you could just email me
    and can you please tell dalanie to email me to thanks alot

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