The Birthday Girl

This sweet Thing turned 14 today.  Oh my.  Did I just say 14?  Where has the time gone?  So cliche, I know.  And if I was Thing 2 I would have said, "I know right?"  With the accent and everything.  Yet, this post is not about Thing 2.  Enough.
The birthday girl is out celebrating her day with her Daddy.  They have ventured into the city for a dinner date at the Chinese Restaurant.  Exciting.
Sweet face.  Gorgeous smile.  Fantastic hair.  Eyes that swirl with emotion and cheeks that are so rosy. 
I feel like I am back journaling in her baby/toddler journal, all the new words and everyday accomplishments.  There really is so much to tell though. 
How responsible she is, how capable she is in the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking.  The way she snuggles in with a good book with the blankets pulled up to her neck.  Dancing to music, any kind and making unknown noises to accompany any mundane household chore.  All with rythym and flare that she surely has not acquired from me.  A certain passion for football and a real understanding of the game.  Talent that is waiting to be unleashed.  Deeper than the surface reveals and a heart that loves intensely.  Committed and enthusiastic, especially when it comes to shopping.  Ha ha.  
Happy Birthday Thing 1! 
I am praying that the year ahead is a glorious adventure on the path that He has marked for you.  You are a gift, one I am grateful for everyday.  I love you with all my heart.  Don't forget, you'll always be my baby.

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