It's 2 am and I'm awake

I think they call it jet lag, I prefer "airplane lag", that's how the Things refer to the feeling, quote taken from the newest Karate Kid movie.  And boy is it ever right, lag.  What a word, definitely one that I am relating to this early morning. 

We are home, in Izmir.  After a nearly 24 hour day of traveling all 6 of us are tucked into our own beds, exhausted and surely dreaming of the last three weeks.  It was a challenge leaving Franklin on Saturday, saying goodbye and see you later and hugging.  Especially those hugs where one party did not want to let go. 

Mission accomplished though.  And if I may just brag on the Things for a sentence or two.  They are expert travelers.  Right down to meal schedules and gate finding and coordinating our seating arrangements.  Navigating International airports and foreign languages is enough to send me realing and the Things,  not even phased.  This Mama was proud.  I don't recall hearing a complaint or sigh, of course until we made it home.  The first task on the agenda, run out to find friends and see what we've missed.  A kiss on my cheek and a yell out the door that they would unpack when they returned.  Life is good. 

Just wanted to check in, I suppose I should be trying to catch some z's, morning sun will be here before long.

2 Response to "It's 2 am and I'm awake"

  1. cheryl lee Says:

    glad you are home safe! we are looking forward to our upcoming visit it about 4 weeks!
    rest up!
    love mom

  2. The Van Dierens Says:

    glad you made it home safely! love you and miss you! so enjoyed our short but fulfilled visit! ;)

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