Stitches, yet again!

On Wednesday night, after our zoo day, Thing 4 was out playing basketball and hurt himself.  Husband Jared and I were at the grocery store preparing for our Turkish meal we were cooking that evening and when we arrived home we were met at the door with "the news".  Thing 4 hesitantly peeled off the bandage and Husband Jared and I knew we would be headed to the ER.  We whisked him to the car and headed out.  Thing 4 was quite nervous and was adamant about not having a shot.  Unsure of what to expect I carried him to the room and Thing 4 told the doctor that his cut "looked like the continent of Africa".  Priceless.  After 4 stitches and no painful shot we were on our way home with a grand story for Thing 4 to tell.  Despite the fact that Thing 4 repeatedly told me that having a story was not worth enduring the pain of stitches he does eagerly tell his story and show off his wounds for anyone who will listen. 

Here we are at the urgent care facility in AZ, waiting for the doc to stitch him up.

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  1. cheryl lee Says:

    where's your thankful thursday????
    miss you guys.

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