The beginning...of the next chapter

Or so that's what I will call it.  Tomorrow morning we will depart for Minnesota, via St. Louis and Chicago, and possibly Madison.  Unsure of all this trip will entail, we are committed to having fun and making the most of every moment offered to us. Similar to the way we've lived these last six weeks we will squeeze out the most of this adventure, learn from saying goodbye, look forward to the new friends awaiting us and laugh until our muscles ache, or at least I hope so.

The Things shared bear hugs and tearful goodbyes with our gang of friends in the "hood", otherwise known as Clairmonte.  It was a challenge for me to watch them, teary eyed, waving and yelling out the window until we finally pulled out onto the highway.  Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie gave us a show  on the way out too.  After squeezes and wiping away tears they were set on providing comic relief.  Their bums danced, preparing to show us the "moon" and we all hollered at them thankful that we were laughing.  Gosh how we'll miss them.  And that sweet little niece of ours.  On the bright side, we are residing in the same country now. 

That about sums up our last week.  Last lunches, coffee dates and chats, dinners,  hugs and goodbyes.  Photos taken and emails exchanged, new addresses shared and the promise of staying in touch.  Lest I forget the special friendship bracelets made by our sweet friends.  All this a part of the process as we say.

So, here marks the beginning, of the next chapter.

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