The Fourth and Some Stuff

A bit of a catch up for y'all.  If you're interested that is, and well if you're not you wouldn't be reading this blog anyway.  We have spent the last few weeks visiting Minneapolis, finding a home and school, scouting football facilities and clubs for the Things, purchasing a new vehicle, coordinating travel plans and customs shipments, tying up some loose ends in Turkey and taking care of all our necessary appointments here in Franklin.  Not to mention, spending as much time as possible with our family and friends as possible, all the while training for an upcoming half marathon.  Needless to say I have been a taxi driver, master schedule keeper and the bad guy when I say no.  Husband Jared has driven to Eden Prairie with Polo-Lolo, dropped one of our vehicles in our new home state of MN and checked our sweet pup into the pet hotel.  He accomplished the drive in one day of fourteen straight hours on the road, with only a few pit stops for him and his canine companion to stretch their legs and take care of some business.  Wow.  That makes me tired just reading it.

In the midst of all of that planning we did manage to take some time out for fun.  Thing 4 spent the weekend at the lake with his best buddy, B.  He wake boarded for the first time and was successful at bass fishing at Pickwick Lake.  What a weekend he had and what memories he made.  Thank you D family!  Grandpa and Mema had a fourth of July celebration at their place, complete with fireworks and some pond swimming for the Things.  The girl Things and their friends hung out in the tree house for dinner and enjoyed a fireworks show that lit up the sky. 
The next day we celebrated our country with our church family at Grace Chapel.  There was an incredible Blue Grass concert, activities for the kiddos and a grand fireworks display that knocked our socks off.  It might have been the longest show ever, truly a gift for all of us.  Just as soon as I thought it was over it continued with patriotic music and lights throughout the sky.  Wow and more wow. 

 Only a snapshot of the magnificence we saw
 Our group getting ready for fireworks

The Things and K did some patriotic face painting before the event
And since then we have seen Grandpa Royce and Grandma Lavonne, spent a night out with Jeff and Natalie, had a kid swap with the Horels and had the privelege of remembering what it was like to spend the day with a 14 month old while the Things ran wild throughout Nashville Shores with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie and even camped out at the Horel Bunk house with Pappo and Grammy. What a sweet summer it has been in Franklin. 

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