Thing 2's Day

For those of you that don't know our family tradition surrounding birthday parties let me explain.  The Things are given a birthday party every other year.  That means two parties every year.  Of course they have family dinner and cake to celebrate on their special day.  This year is Thing 2's year for a party.  It is her 13th birthday, and she will enter the teenage years.  So, all that being said, she wanted to have her party in Franklin, where her friends are and not in the land of MN, where friends await to be made.  That brings us to the day.  A frozen yogurt party at Sweet Ce Ce's, her absolute favorite place in downtown Franklin. 

A few of her closest friends joined us at the site and they all devoured some delish fro-yo.  Yes, I did just say that.  If Thing 2 were reading this right now she would say, "really Mama, really?", to which I would reply, "yes, really".  Moving on.  After yogurt we walked Main St., browsed the shops and I relished every girly giggle, skip, hug and loud chatting that I heard from those girls' mouths.  Sweet music to this Mama's ears.

 The Girlies
Thing is, I know these moments are fleeting.  There won't ever be another 13th birthday for Thing 2 in downtown Franklin, or a moment where I sing, "Price tag", completely butchering the lyrics, but laughing through it nonetheless and embarrassing not only Thing 2 but the other Things as well.  Those are memories my friends.  That is life.  I for one am so grateful for Thing 2's day.   

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