Our time in Chicago technically started out the evening before, however I do not have any photos to document the momentous occasion of the Things trying deep dish pizza for the first time.  I had assumed that my children might share my love for the delicacy that is layers of dough and cheese but I was sadly mistaken.  No takers.  Not even Husband Jared.  Although he did indulge me and have a slice.

We rose early and began our walking tour, self guided, through Grant Park and to the Buckingham fountain.  Upon hearing the name of the rather large water display the Things were hoping they would blink and be in England, alas that was not the case.

We strolled along the lake shore and arrived at the Shedd Aquarium, the Things activity choice for the day.  There were displays from the Amazon River valley, Thailand, the Reefs and even the Great Lakes.  We saw all that we could see and decided it was time for a Chicago style hot dog.  At least Thing 4 decided it was time.  He has been talking incessantly about having a hot dog from a "cart".  Needless to say there were many options and we chose the closest one.  Too afraid to order, the Things waited by to see what would happen when he asked for ketchup.  Thankfully they obliged our Things and ketchup was given.  Whew.

What a view with the Chicago skyline!
From the aquarium we continued our trek through the city to find the L station.  We were headed to Lincoln Park.  After some help from a kind attendant we were able to navigate the lines and made our way successfully to Lincoln Park.  It was sad to see that Demon Dogs had been replaced by a new, larger elevated train station.  Although I am sure it was a necessary addition.  Anyhow, we walked and showed DePaul to the Things as well as the new softball field.  Things have definitely changed around those parts. Next stop, Lincoln Park zoo.  A free zoo in the middle of the city.  The lions were on display, primates, zebras, polar bears and even seals.   We rode the L back to the hotel and went for a swim.  
 Waiting for the train after the zoo

The cherry on top of the day was a Mexican dinner at a neighborhood restaurant.  Family friendly, authentic eats and conversation that covered highs and lows for the day.  I love that time of sharing.  Thing 2 decided that she wanted to speak in her British accent so I made it a bit more interesting.  If she could stay in "character" on the walk to the hotel I would buy her and the other Things icecream.  That meant she had to order in "character" and I was not "Mama", but Auntie Leanna.  Go figure.  This girl is great.  Not once did she waver, I even had to turn away a few times.  The venture was successful.  We all had an icecream cone!  I scream, you scream we all scream for icecream! 

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