Last Night of Summer, First Day of School

So Labor day brought yet another family day, much to our Things' shagrin.  They were none too excited about having to go on a family run.  Albeit at a new location, Lake Calhoun.  Groans and complaints were in full excess.  That was even after a breakfast of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, bacon and eggs.  Who would have thunk?  I guess Husband Jared knew it was coming, but me, I was hopeful.  We headed out despite it all and enjoyed a truly wonderful afternoon together.  A short run around the lake, a quick play at the playground and research involving canoe and kayak rentals.  Fun times. 

After all the excitement surrounding our lake run I was determined to have one last hurrah before it was back to school.  That meant s'mores and a fire.  Then I read that our association does not allow gas grills or fire pits.  Ruined.  Husband Jared reluctantly set out to find a propane grill.  S'mores grill side, that works.  The Things went around busily inviting their friends and lo and behold we had ourselves a quaint s'mores gathering.  More fun times.  We met new neighbors, new kiddos and all had laugh.  Then we reluctantly headed inside before being eaten alive by the mosquitos, and of course to prepare for the ineveitable first day of school that lie ahead of us. 

Thus here we are at the first day of school, this September 2011.  Wow.  Thing 3 entering the 6th grade and Thing 4 into 4th grade.  I can hardly believe it.  Did I blink and miss the last 10 years?  Surely not.  Although last night as we were saying prayers and snuggles I did sense a hint of apprehension from the two of them.  Or was that me holding on to them for dear life and re-living all those dreaded first days?  Oh whew, that was only me.  They were concerned about lunch times, being the new kid, again, and being able to find their way around a rather large campus.  When I left their classrooms this morning with barely a sideways hug and kiss on the cheek I was the only one with tears.  Thankfully.  The two of them walked confidently into the new ready to shine. 
And now for a confession, it is only ten minutes until the bus will drop them off and I am counting the seconds.  I absolutely can not wait to hug their necks and hear all about their days from start to finish.  Who they sat with at lunch, what their schedule is and if anything what they liked least.  I want details.  No head nods or "I dunno's" here.  Let me hear it all!  When they are ready of course.  I'm thinking that might be after our traditional back to school trip for icecream, double scoops.  Please and yes please.

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