Saturday Husband Jared and I asked our kids to play.  We played a game of LIFE.  Then we rode bikes and skateboards to the park.  There we flew a kite.  We had a family football match.  Polo ran all over with us.  There was laughing and PK competitions and push ups for the losers and more laughing and yes maybe even some crying.  Crying because someone fell, or pushed too hard and lost.  Have I mentioned before how competitive we are?  And then the sweetest words came from Thing 1's lips.  "If we have Pei Wei for dinner we can all watch Sound Of Music together, remember Mama, your favorite movie?"  Why yes.  It sounded so innocent yesterday and now writing it I realize it was just a scam.  Anyhow, I did manage a night off from cooking and cleaning the kitchen.  And I did watch one of my favorite movies with all my Things snuggled around me.  Thing 2 and Thing 3 even allowed me to paint their nails.  What a sweet day.  I am so grateful for those kinda days. 

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