Thing 2's Birthday

Today this sweet girl turns 13.  Words could not express how incredibly honored I feel to be her Mama.  From a newborn babe in my arms with wild hair to a strong willed yet extremely sensitive toddler, a determined and empathetic youth and now a bold, free spirited, Jesus loving teenager.  The journey has just begun. 

Thing 2, you turn your head to the normal and go your own way bringing everyone along with you for the ride.  You rise up against injustice, whether it be to a helpless animal, a friend or even a stranger.  Your heart is bigger than life.  I love your squeezes and your silliness and your honesty.  Your work ethic and commitment are something to be admired.  You fall hard and when you do you have quite a flair for the dramatic.  There is never a dull moment with you. 

You have been given a unique perspective on life and the world around you.  May you sieze every opportunity and live sold out to a purpose greater than yourself.

I am so grateful to be your Mama.  I pray this thirteenth year is marked by grace.  May you shine bright Thing 2, I love you, to the moon and back.

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