Road Trip

With Thing 1 just having had surgery and Spring break looming we had no plans to travel.  We did however have the itch to jump in the car and hit the road.  And that is just what we did.  For a day. Well not even a day really, more like a short afternoon.

The road out of town

We were on the road to Red Wing, MN.  A small town near the border of Wisconsin.  The  plan was to drive there, walk around, enjoy lunch and take in the quaintness of the small town.  Not so much.  Upon arrival the Things were restless.  No one saw any cafes that enticed them and the town left a bit to be desired.  At least for our expectations for the day.  Passing on Red Wing we continued driving to Nelson's Creamery, located across from Wabasha, on the Wisconsin side.  We crossed a rather interesting bridge over the mighty Mississippi River and drove right pass our destination.  The only visible landmark was a rusty cheese and wine bottle sign hanging on the side of the building.  After turning around we were all pleasantly surprised by the menu and the creamery itself.  While cheese and butter is no longer produced here they do boast quite the selection of International cheeses and meats as well as a variety of delectable sandwiches.  Not to mention the $1 scoop of ice cream which had the Things before we even entered.  Yes, they are their mother's children.  We shared lunch, devoured our ice cream and hit the road once again.

Lunch time

The Creamery sign is on the backside of the building

Headed home after a two hour drive for a meal was not my idea of a successful road trip.  Husband Jared quickly reminded me that we were together, the six of us.  Unplugged and making memories. Listening to our Things laugh and tell stories and yes, antagonize one another.  Y'all know what they say about the best laid plans.  So we found ourselves caught in rush hour traffic which lead to a detour, Caspian Market.  Recommended to us by a Turkish woman whom the eldest two Things know from school.  Once again they were sharing stories and things they loved, food topping the list.  This fine lady told us about a Persian market in Minneapolis.  Oh how happy was I?  We walked in to be greeted by familiar smells and packaging and music all reminiscent of a corner market in our neighborhood in Turkey.  We walked the aisles pointing to labels and brands we knew.  We found our favorite olives and pomegranate sauce and eggplant, and on and on.  Such a splendid ending to our day.  I wish I had photos to share, however I am confident that I will be visiting Caspian's again. 
Our well planned road trip didn't go exactly as intended but it was exactly what we needed that day. 

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