A Week With Nani

I have been absent from the blog for over a week all due to LIFE.  You see, my mom, AKA Nani, came to visit us, Thing 1 had surgery, she's been recovering and we were having fun with our visitor. 
Who has time to blog with all of that?  A quick recap with a few photos thrown in. 

Thing 1's surgery went swimmingly.  Oh to be young and resilient.  Her ACL was in fact torn and there was a small tear/flap on her miniscus as well.  The talented surgeon repaired all, showed us photos and was then off to Mexico.  We were left with stitches, a groggy girl and a long road of physical therapy ahead.  Although, upon her arrival home, there was a bouquet of flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a concerned Polo dog not wanting to leave her side.  Not to mention three nurse maids answering her every need.

Thing 1's destination for the next few days

For a few days we were hunkered down at home.  Thankfully we had accomplished our Spring shopping extravaganza before surgery.  And if I haven't mentioned we went to Mall of America.  It just so happens it was on the very same day that the girl Things' fav boy band from the UK was making an appearance.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 went into full blown hysteria, finding the best spot to catch a glimpse of the hunky boys, (does anyone say that anymore?) and Nani and I were left to shop.  On our own.  We couldn't hear a word the other one said due to all the screeching.  The girls returned to us after their sighting flushed and completely thrilled. 

If you can spot the dot of red and white in the middle
 you will have found Thing 1 and Thing 2

Moving on, the days at home were spent icing, visiting the doc, baking, cooking, watching movies, planning our next outing, working for Husband Jared and myself and of course giving Polo a pedicure.  Yes, we are those people.  Or rather, Nani is that person, and we love her!

 Thing 1 shared her strawberries with the family

 Thing 3 and Nani baking cupcakes of course

Polo being pampered

With Nani being here a trip to the Original Pancake House was a given.  By Friday Thing 1 was a bit stir crazy and needed to be out of the house, so off we went.  After a filling breakfast of a variety of pancakes we had a few errands to run.  Costco here we come and electric shopping cart too! 

The Things hovering in wonderment

The day ended with "The Lorax".  Not at all impressed and more than dissappointed.  I'll stick to the book.  The Things enjoyed the animation and were actually the oldest children in the theatre.  Hmm.  We of course still had fun  because that's what we do. 

Then it we arrived at Nani's last weekend with us.  Hoping for some beautiful weather we planned a trip to Minnehaha Falls.  After an amazing worship and sermon together we hit the road.  The sun was shining and everyone was anxious to explore.  Running from the car all the Things, well with the exception of Thing 1, went down the stairs and to the rocks.  Thing 2 and Thing 4 leading the charge of course.  We took some photos and then our grumbly stomachs got the best of us and we went to lunch.

Before we knew it that weekend was over and it was Nani's day of departure.  A long walk began our day just right and then it was craft time.  Well, actually we put Nani to work.  There were a few sewing projects that needed her expertise.  The Things had some flower hair clip project planned and Thing 4 had an art book to begin.  What a special morning watching them all create together.  Nani even had a few spare minutes for a speedy sewing lesson for Thing 3.  Love that.

Crafting away

Now you all are caught up on the last week or so with us six Hansons.  Nani has since left us here in the North for warmer weather and some Gianna time.  As for us we are enjoying Spring break and the lack of  schedules, lunches and homework.  Not that we don't eat lunch, I just don't have to make 5 lunches in the wee hours of the morning.  Moving on. 

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