Thankful Thursday #87

Just Polo, because, well,
he hasn't been featured here in a while

813. glory on Easter morn
814. training runs with Husband Jared
815. encouragement from friend
816. surprise catch up with new friend
817. dinner gift from neighbors
818. carpool
819. Thing 1 excited about a math grade
820. Thing 2 dancing with me
821. Sharing with Thing 3
822. Thing 4 needing Mama time

3 Response to "Thankful Thursday #87"

  1. Tony Olivito Says:

    I applaud your continuing ability to note even the small things as great accomplishments (it is what they are)... It is in savoring the moments of life that we are able to appreciate what we have, who we are and our great potential as human beings.

  2. LKH Says:

    Thanks Uncle Tony, appreciate your words as well. Always thought provoking and intentional, and highly valued by this niece. Truly a gift.

  3. cheryl lee Says:


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