Not In The Stores

Here we are days away from Christmas.  Some have their shopping done, presents wrapped, shipped and waiting under the tree.  Others thrive on the last minute.  Dashing in and out of the stores, fighting traffic, waiting in line and then finding out the very thing you wanted is sold out, really never existed or just can't be found in the store. 

And doesn't that just about sum it up?  The very thing we need can not be found in any big box store.  Trust me when I say that, I mean it, remember?  Husband Jared is employed by such a store and as much as we rely on consumers for our income, the present is not to be found there. 

Yet we still love to give gifts.  I do.  I might even go so far to say it is my love language.  Said it here before, I know.  It is an opportunity to be intentional.  To spend time reflecting on the one receiving the gift.  All this showing that you care, you thought purposefully about the other.  Sometimes sacrificing in order to do so. 

Today I am asking that you pause and consider making a small gift, a sacrifice if you will allow me to say so.  I am confident that the ultimate gift is Jesus' incarnation, Gods' love come down at Christmas.  God giving us His son.  So could we maybe share some of that love with others?  Compassion has some pretty amazing options for those gifts.  Click on the link and browse their catalog.  See something?  Click on it and follow the directions.  If just 10 of you wonderful people that read this blog and visit with me here could each give $10 that would be $100 to help give Christmas to children living in poverty.  All in Jesus' name.  All for His glory. 

As a side note here, let me break that down for you.  $10 is 2 coffees at Starbucks.  One movie ticket and some change.  Lunch for one at Chipotle.  You get where I'm going with this, right?  A small sacrifice.  When you give to Compassion your dollars are stretched beyond their value.  Our child, Oswaldo, whom I've mentioned before, sent us a picture of what he was able to purchase with his birthday gift of $25.  Three new pairs of shoes, bottles of juice and chicken meat for his family, collared shirt for church and not to mention a few other snack items.  While this catalog giving is a bit different, a small gift to you and me is a big gift for Compassion.  We could do it.  Will you help me give?  Please.

And it wouldn't be the Christmas that you and I are bombarded with this time of year.  This is the ChristmasJesus followers doing as He commanded while He was here in the flesh.  Giving.   Give because you have the  joy of knowing Jesus.  Give because someone gave to you when you were in need.  Give

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