It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Once our house guests had left us last weekend and we all had time to catch our breath I began pining for the Christmas tree to be in the house.  Get it.  I know so punny.  I just can't help myself, it's like non stop laughs around here.  So Husband Jared and Thing 4 obliged and rescued our Christmas containers from storage and we, meaning I, set about filling the house with festive music, a little movie called Elf and one rather plump artificial tree.  Due to our highly active social calendar, insert laugh here, see what I mean?  I mean our Things' social calendar, we waited to decorate said tree until the next day.  And decorate they did.  I sat back and watched the four Things open their ornament boxes and ooh and aah and show me as if I had never seen them before.  Then they would ask why this one or why that one and what the significance was.  And then lo and behold Thing 4 melted my heart.  He looked at me as he was decorating and asked what would Dad and I do when they were all gone.  Excuse me.  Is someone leaving?  He went on to explain that when him and sisters were grown and maybe had families of their own who would decorate the tree and with what because they would have all their ornaments.  What about the angel, will you let our kids put the angel on when their big enough?  Um, what does a sentimental sap like myself say to that blue eyed boy?  Yes of course, through sniffles and tears.  If God intends for you to have a family I hope we can carry on these traditions.  I think, or maybe that's what I wanted to say but my lips wouldn't open.  I don't mean to be dramatic about this, ok maybe I do a little, but with Thing 1 a sophomore already and Thing 2 right behind her there is much talk about the future happening around here.  Sometimes this Mama just wants to close her eyes and make it all stop.  Then alas, I come to my senses, or so I tell myself and open my eyes to see this.
 and this
and this Thing almost tall enough to reach the top of the tree

and these crazy four Things that never fail to make me laugh

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