A Little of This, A Little of That

Since my Thanksgiving post I haven't said much here pertaining to the happenings in this household.  I did share Thing 4's birthday party but in between that and the visit from the grandparents so much has taken place. 
There was a baptism.   All three girl Things were baptized at our church here during the Thanksgiving service. 
Here they are sporting their "unashamed" t-shirts before entering the baptismal font
The three of them were not too keen on having their testimonies videotaped and it being shown to the entire congregation but oh my this Mama did so appreciate hearing their sweet words.  Their confident words.  Their commitment and more importantly their love for our Jesus.  I had to push down my pride more than once.  The evening was pure joy, a true gift.  Now these three are not only my daughters but my sisters in Christ.  Amen and Amen!
Thing 3 also had another big moment recently, maybe not as defining but something to celebrate nonetheless.  She has been taking an acting class with a conservatory here and to end the first semester she performed her very first monologue on stage.  To say she was flawless would be an understatement.  I may be bias but big sister isn't and her compliments made Thing 3 grin from ear to ear.  Take a look at her; calm, cool and collected on stage.  Pulling the audience in with her emotion and bringing them to tears, OK maybe that was just me.  Like I said, I'm bias. 
Excerpt from "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams
Yes, she read the entire play to better understand the context and nature of her character
Beyond these events there have been several Christmas related appointments.  Dinner with football carpool families, impromptu dinners with friends of Things, family sledding outing, a concert and of course baking and jelly making.  Here are photos of each.
 Thing 2, Thing 3 and a sweet friend, together for our
2nd annual cinnamon roll making party
 MN Adult and Teen Challenge Christmas Concert at Grace Church
 Family Sledding at Staring Lake after our
first official snow storm experience
Thing 3 and Thing 1 weren't much for the sledding,
 but they sure did have fun in the snow with Polo
All the kiddos waiting to dig in to the homemade lasagna, scrumptious! 
Sadly, there are no photos of the jelly making, Husband Jared was just too efficient this year.  The jelly was made and the kitchen cleaned in the time it took me to write this post. Or at least the second batch was.  He rocks! 
For now I do believe you are caught up.  Or at least somewhat.  Christmas music is playing non stop, the candles are lit, twinkly lights shining brightly and we are trying to spread Christmas love however and whenever we can while we patiently await the arrival of Poppi, Nani, Uncle Jason, Aunt Corynn and Gianna! 

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