Wild Ride

Thing 4's birthday happens to coincide quite closely with Christmas.  The day after actually, Boxing Day.  It also happens to be his year for a party and his choice was Nick Universe, so we planned ahead to celebrate early.  That meant a trip to Mall of America, a few of  his buddies and some roller coasters!  We began with cake at the house, presents and then we were off.

I think he might have been singing to himself here?
 The boys had mapped out their strategy, were pumped full of sugar and ready to scream and holler to their hearts' content.  And that they did.  They raced through the theme park and conquered some fears.  Some one's first time upside down, another boy's first time on a big roller coaster.  So much fun.  And even more enjoyable to witness from the park bench where I sat and waited for four energy packed boys to race towards me, spilling all the details of each and every curve,
hill and downward spiral. 

We did manage a quick break for dinner at Johnny Rocket's, burgers and shakes of course.  A short stop to check out some impressive Lego sculptures and then more talking and boy antics around the table.  Dinner was inhaled and then it was back to the park for this lot.  Thankfully no food was lost during this outing and I must say these four knew what they were doing,
 more like experts in this arena. 

What was more memorable for me though was the car ride home in which a lively game of "Would you rather" was played.  Questions such as, "would you rather lick the floor of Wal-Mart or the road?" and then one of my personal favorites, "would you rather kiss Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?".  Oh yes, that happened.  While I was a participant in the game I chose to pass on that one.  These boys were pure joy and such a treat to listen to and chaperon.  

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