It's All About Giving

And isn't it really?  The Christmas season in it's entirety,  centered solely around giving.  God the Father giving His only Son, himself in flesh, to the human race so that we may have eternal life with Him.  Redeemed.  Yes, I do believe so.  And I do so love giving and since that is what we are called to do I feel a list stating simply exactly what I do love about giving appropriate for this season. 

1.the look on the receiver's face
2.spending time choosing just right
3. surprising
4. random presents revealed in different manners
5. twinkly lights as the backdrop for all this giving
6. sharing time
7. sweets baked with love and out of love
8. making a difference
9. not store bought
10. impactful shopping
11. the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing
12. did I mention surprises?
13. thoughtfulness
14. sacrificial giving
15. sharing resources
16. pretty paper tied up with bows
17. full heart
18. generosity
19. body of Christ
20. smiles

So there's a top 20 for you.  Just a beginning really.  Much to list, much to be grateful for.  Maybe during this season of Advent, preparation for the best gift, the gift that means love came down, you just might be inspired to give in a way you never have before.  If you are I encourage  you to follow this link, gift catalog, to a different sort of giving.  Compassion's way of giving.  A reminder that it truly is all about giving. 

Then if you feel so inclined, leave a comment and share how you are giving this season, or what giving means to you, or just maybe your favorite gift idea from this gift catalog.  I'm all ears, waiting with my coffee, steam rising and hands cupped around the mug.  To this season and all that it brings. 

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