Collage of Sorts

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my technological ineptness.  Truly.  Thankfully I am married to a man who "gets" that and I have four Things all of whom are much more gifted in that area than I.  So, while I'd like to put together an organized, whimsical collage for you of some of my favorite photographs from the beach I will once again just place them, centered here on the page.  Work with me people.  I am missing this place today and hoping for warmer weather here soon.  Which brought me back to my photo albums of beach pictures and thus inspired me to inundate you all with more photographs. 
Autumn girl

Sibling love

Quiet time in the Word, every morning
Finds from the shore

Helping Autumn

Husband and Thing 4
At the end of the day

The Cousins

A boy and his skim board

Aunt Natalie

Thing 2, love

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