From Despair to Hope

There was Friday.  With all it's gloominess.  Rain and thunder clapping.  Drops hitting the window with fierceness.  Then the sky opened and it was done.  Finished once and for all. 
And I sat with that for a moment.  A long moment.  Well into Saturday.  All day Saturday.  Long and weary.  Ten miles running.  And I was still thinking.  Lingering with the tomb.  Heavy and dark. 
Wondering just why.  Just how.  Asking when he sweated blood from his brow why they didn't stay awake.  One hour.  That was all he asked.  I don't stay awake.  Sit in the grief.  Ponder the pain that needs to consume my heart.  Only so that I may hope.  Hope in one greater than I.  
So much greater that He said in the midst of the excruciating beating let it be so.  When the nails pierced His flesh He forgave.  When His mother looked at Him and tears ran down her cheek He told her, "See, I make all things new".  He does people.  Truly.  On this Easter Sunday, Resurrection day. we have hope because of Him.  He was pierced for our transgressions.  By His wounds we are healed.  To the core.  Grace washed over us.  Red blood spilling out.   

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