Special Weekend

The weekend began early Friday.  Four Things home from school.  A church service planned for the evening.  Moving.  Somber.  Watched the "Passion".  Reflective.  A Good Friday. 
Then there was Saturday.  We ran.  There was contemplation.  Quiet time.  Egg dyeing, cookie making, hair cuts, bike riding and a family dinner out.  Hope for Sunday morning and an empty tomb. 
Sunday.  Resurrection rolls.  Serving.  Early morning worship.  Worship throughout the day.  Family nap time.  Family game time.  Family. 
And some photos of our celebrations all weekend.

 The finished eggs and their creators

Finder of the golden egg and winner of the prize money

Nana's Easter cookies

Easter baskets waiting, some traditions I cannot quit

After church

Me and m Things in the kitchen, love

The eggs

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