Not sure where to start this post.  I had a post written, edited and ready to be "published".  Then as I read it quickly before clicking the button I just thought to myself I can't.  It was another light hearted post about the weather here and it just seems so insignificant.  While I don't know anyone that was running in the Marathon and I myself can not even imagine running 26.2 miles there is a connection amongst runners.  Novices, intermediates and professionals alike.  So when I lace up my shoes and prepare for my training today I will be thinking of them. 
When I saw the BREAKING flash across my screen I stopped to look.  Bombing at the Boston marathon , two dead, many injured.  What?  Then I continued reading about the  horrific sights that bystanders, supporters and runners alike experienced after the loud blasts and booms.  Then their world was different.  In a matter of seconds.  Much like running.  It changes one step to the next.  The cadence. Breathing.  Panting.  Just like that.  Senseless.  Heartbreaking evil alive in this world.  Walking or maybe running amongst us.  And now, what should have been a celebration of accomplishment and commitment, dedication and sacrifice is now swallowed whole in tragedy.  Loss and devastation.  What is to be noted though and commended are the people.  The ones that ran toward the chaos and didn't stop.  Helping.  Selfless.  Uniting.  Saving.  That is notable.  Commendable.  They are heroes. 

Evil is present and active in our world.  In moments like these, when there is nowhere else to look I lift my eyes upward.  Toward the only  One I know I can trust fully.  Not looking for an explanation I pray.  Offering words for Boston.  My heart is heavy.   

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