Fourteen Now

Happiest of birthdays to you today Thing 3.  I feel like it's been said all before but I must say it again.  So you know to the depths of your soul just how much you are truly loved.  Without you, there would be no Gilly-Bean and what a sad place the world would be. 
Where to begin?  How about with the latest and greatest from this year.  You have come to be known as the baker of the family.  From cookies to cupcakes the skill with which you operate in the kitchen is unmatched in this house.  And with such joy.  An overflow from your heart, your pure servant's heart.  We have watched your generous and patient spirit develop into a true gift.  There have also been moments of courage.  Where fear has crept in, only to be conquered.  You taught me so very much as I watched you grapple with the realities of life.  Smiling on the other side of the experience and learning more about yourself in the process.  The creative nature of your being has flourished and your sense of self is being shared with the world around you.  Thank you.  Thank you for sharing and being brave and creating memories.  Thank you for making a difference and serving and loving.  Mostly for loving.  That is so powerful.  I appreciate your eye for detail.  The care with which you operate, even in the smallest and most mundane of tasks.  Your work ethic is something be desired.  Diligence and planning are strengths and procrastination is not even in your vocabulary.  Horses are a passion and not a day goes by where  you are not asking for your very own.  Keep dreaming sister!  Bigger and bolder, don't ever stop.  You have embraced the piano.  Teaching yourself Ce-Lo and Adele, purely by ear.  Whoa.  I love hearing your music.  Sweet, sweet music. 
As always I pray the year ahead is full to overflow with joy and discovery.  Pressing in to the Creator who designed you uniquely, who knows the number of hairs on your head and who gives you purpose.  I love you Gilly Bean, around the world and again.  Happy 14th birthday!


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