Easter Celebrating

As I was downloading photos from our recent NY trip I realized I still had Easter photos yet to be moved.  How did that happen?  Easter was almost three weeks ago and there had been no post, no photo sharing and no story telling.  I suppose life happened and all the stuff in between.  Things like continuing the tradition of Nana's Easter cookies and coloring eggs.  It really was a beautiful day.  An early service with our church, all six of us together.  A beautiful message worth celebrating because it was the third day. 
The Six of us
Eggs and Easter cookies

The Golden Egg, not very golden this year, but that smile sure is!
We came home to prepare for friends that were joining us for brunch.  Food was cooked, the spread laid out and then we waited.  And they came.  We feasted, the kids played.  There was a reprieve and then they joined us once again for dinner.  The weather was beyond perfect, sun shining and bright blue skies graced our day.  Things walked to the local coffee shop, played outside, drew with sidewalk chalk and went on bike rides.  Glorious.  All while the Dads went for a run around the lakes and the Moms chatted on the balcony, soaking in the Sonshine.  Yes, that was intentional and corny and so very true.  Thing 1 found the golden egg, after only a year of not she reestablished her winning streak.  We thanked God for the day He gave us and the gift of His son.  And not to be forgotten the blessing of having people to share it with. 
Easter brunch on the balcony with friends

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