Thing 3's Birthday Week

A true Hanson style birthday was enjoyed by Thing 3, a week-long party that began with a girls night at our house.  Since it was her year for a party Thing 3 decided to have a slumber party, with a twist.  The girls would be making 150 sandwiches for The Sandwich Project.  The Sandwich Project is a local ministry here in the Twin Cities that delivers food to homeless shelters.  All you have to do is be willing to put some meat and cheese between two pieces of bread.  Easy enough.  So they did.  Actually, they made over 150 sandwiches.  What a way to celebrate and what generous hearts these girls have. 
Icing her cupcakes

The girlies
They also enjoyed a little Chick Fil A, red velvet cupcakes made by yours truly and decorated by Thing 3, movies and giggles and hopefully a little sleep too.  Maybe slumber parties should be called "wake-overs" because in my experience there never seems to be too much sleeping.  Anyhow, that was her friend party, we still had our family party waiting. 
For her family party all the girl requested was some bbq chicken.  Creature of habit.  I've said it before and it still rings true.  Every year, same menu.  Different cake this year but I have no doubt that had something to do with Thing 2 working at Cold Stone Creamery now. 
 We celebrated the girl all day long on the 4th.  Birthday breakfast before church, an afternoon of family movie watching and napping, birthday dinner, Amazing Race and cake and ice-cream and presents.  All of her favorites! 
Dinner: Bbq chicken, homemade mac and cheese with bacon and artichokes

Birthday candles, ice cream cake made by Thing 3, chocolate cake with sweet cream ice-cream with lots of yummy add ins! 
Such a treat to be celebrating this Thing and the gift she is to our family!

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