NYC in Three Parts...Part One

I decided that for our NY trip I would simply share my notes from my journal for each of the days, along with some photos of course.  At the end of each day or sometimes in the middle, if the mood struck me, I would jot down observations or descriptions of whatever it was that we were doing.  Little bits I wanted to remember throughout the day of our time together.  So here is part one.
I arrived on the Wednesday.  Grey skies and rain pelting the yellow cabbies every which way.  The traffic reminded me of Turkey.  Honking was a the music score to this experience. And impoliteness the welcome.  After checking in and dropping my luggage in the room I was far too anxious to sit and wait for Husband Jared so off I went.  The NYC Central Library and Bryant Park were just a few city blocks away and I was determined to be there. 
Balconies of books, love.

Lights and murals.

Lions, between the lions.  Iconic. 
Journal entry:
people bustling about, not quiet like your typical library, many rooms, metal shelving for books, old card catalogs still in use, author meeting in the foyer, Astor room, marble floor in the McGraw Rotunda with story of time murals, from Moses to the Gutenberg printing press, Gutenberg Bible, one of only 48 known in the world here on display, printed in 1455, first book ever printed on the press was the Bible, magical place, could get lost here for hours, electric candelabras, raining outside, need to find a place to duck into for lunch, superb people watching, so much activity, surrounding, a slew of umbrellas walking on the streets, mostly black ones, professionals, my purple polka dotted one sticks out like a sore thumb, eclectic and cultural, reminds me a bit of Turkey, little shops, ethnic corner restaurants, city divided by districts, garment district, etc., fancy shopping on 5th Avenue, trees blooming, finest architect designed libraries, 54 of the original 67 still operating as libraries today, waiting for Husband Jared at the  hotel, drying off, first subway ride in NYC to dinner at Akdeniz, Turkish restaurant, most authentic we've had since leaving, even served Efes,
 score one for us.  

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