I know, I know.  I have a blog and I haven't been present here for weeks.  Life.  Let me tell you friends it has been full and then some.  So here is a brief, or maybe not, catch up of the life lately around here.  These "catch up" posts are becoming my go to form.  They're concise, to the point and full of photos, my favorite.
There's this holiday celebrated world wide I'm guessing, commonly referred to as Mother's Day.  That's the one. And yes we do all have a mother.  Mine is super.  Unfortunately I was not able to spend the day with her so I spent it with the four that made me a Mama.  It was a wonderful day.  Beginning with breakfast  delivered to the pitch by Thing 1, where Thing 4 had an early morning match, lunch at one of our favorites, movies and snuggles in the afternoon and Husband Jared and the Things in the kitchen making dinner.  All six of us.  Together.  
The next weekend was prom for Thing 1.  We made a day of getting her ready, starting with mani - pedi's in the morning, make up application in the afternoon and hair done by yours truly just before pictures.  This day brought me untold joy.  Watching our young lady have her beauty show from the inside out was memorable to say the least.  She went with a group of friends that met here at our house before their diner dinner at Snuffy's.  They boarded a boat on Lake Minnetonka for the actual event and danced the night away underneath the stars and a gorgeous Minnesota sunset. 
Well the adventure continues and one night a few weeks ago it lead us straight to urgent care.  Only this time not for one of the Things but for me.  I'll spare you the bloody details but when all was said and done the kitchen knife won and I walked away with six stitches in my thumb.  Husband Jared simply could not resist this photo op.  I haven't laid in a hospital bed since Thing 4 was born. 

Next up, a volunteer opportunity coordinated by Things' 1 and 2 Bible study group at school.  Husband Jared and I were the adult chaperones so we made it a family affair and all went to Feed My Starving Children and packed food.  The best part about this night, other than the fact that immediate needs were being met, was watching these young adults in action.  And then hearing Thing 2 pray over the boxes that would be sent out about did me in.  So very powerful, all in the name of Jesus. 
The ERA group
Thing 4 and our buddy Jack!
Onto a fun, family-friend night.  Maybe a bit out of order but nonetheless it happened within the month of May so I deem it ok to be included.  Whether chronological or not.  We hung out with some family friends of ours and since the weather had turned the corner we were outside the entire night.  The kids ran around and played, we ate our first s'mores of summer fireside and even the Coke-Mentos science experiment was completed.  I only wish you could listen to the audio to accompany this photograph.  Squeals of sheer delight from every single babe, regardless of age.  What joy!
For Memorial Day weekend we made a quick jaunt to Tennessee for a visit with Papa, who was on vacay from Phoenix.  Our time it seems is never quite long enough to make the rounds when we are there.  We put our best foot forward and made the most of our hours with Papa.  Whether it was playing cribbage, fishing or boating on the pond.  There were games with our nieces, a trip to the Franklin's Farmer Market, some hot chicken (pictured below), a little bowling, dropping Thing 2 off with her second family for a week at the beach and then relaxing. 
The visit was sweet and memorable. 
Thing 4, first swim of the season

Thing 1 shooting the bb gun
Us Six and Papa

Husband Jared and Thing 3
Ron, Jeanine and Papa

Giddy up Uncle Jared
Hot chicken, because what would a post from me be without at least one food picture!
Polo has been readying himself for summer too with a new haircut.  He was showing off the other day and I couldn't resist.  Check him out. 
Such an old dog.
We christened the beginning of pool season here on Memorial Day, early in the morn after our drive back from TN.  It was the perfect time.  We laid ourselves out and relaxed and let the worries melt away in the sun.  At least Husband Jared and I did.  The Things all went swimming and wore themselves out.  Since that was so much fun I gifted myself with a few alone trips to the pool recently as well.  Me, some magazines, a little paperwork and the hot rays from the sun.  Oh, happy days!
That brings us full circle, the month of May covered in one post.  Only 5 more days until summer officially begins (school is out) and we can celebrate with our annual sundae party.  This Mama can hardly wait.  I'm fairly certain the Things feel the same way. 


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