For You Thing 2 on Your Sweet Sixteen

For my sweetest Thing 2 on your sweet 16,
What joy you have brought your Dad and I these past sixteen years.  Unspeakable.  I love this photo of you staring out at the sea.  I think it tells a story with no words.  The desire of your heart, to reach across the divide and share the hope of Jesus with others.  Your adventurous spirit and longing for adventure and journeys to the unknown.  Mostly though I love that when you gaze at creation you know, I mean really know, the artist that designed it all.  Just for you.  And that my sweet girl is so very important.  You were made for such a time as this.  His unique gifting has been set in your heart and the Spirit upon you. 
Life with you lately has been full.  Your independence is taking shape.  Maybe a little of my gypsy spirit has been shared with you and you speak often of the adventures that lie ahead for you.  Traveling afar and exploring the unknown.  I pray for His will to be made known to you.  For His glory.  And I pray that your desire to GO is met. 
The wall of your bedroom is filled with canvases.  Your artwork.  And a world map.  If that doesn't offer a glimpse into who you are I don't know what would.  Those canvases, most are covered in words.  Scripture and quotes.  Some with glitter.  A little sparkle is good for the soul.  My dear those words can be a lifeline and I love how they captivate you and speak to you. 
Daughter I want you to know that I am ever grateful that God chose me to be your Mama.  From the moment you were born and before until now this sixteenth year has been nothing short of a grace filled glorious gift.  Let's continue on that narrow road, running the race and looking only at the cross.  Happy birthday my love.  I love you to the moon and back. 

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