Surprise Thing 2!

As Thing 2's birthday was approaching the family got the run down on the party specifics.  She made it clear that she would like a surprise party.  Well, hello!  One doesn't get to plan their own surprise party so we made haste and Things 1 and 3 went into stealth mode.  A guest list was comprised, a theme decided on and the menu planned.  About two weeks later we were at Target and Thing 2 causally said, "Oh and I'd like these plates and decorations for my surprise party and a piñata!".  Ahem.  Well original plan thwarted.  We began again, our fingers crossed that she wasn't on to us.  There were RSVP's and babysitting plans arranged so she would be out of the house on the special day and then cake baking and decorating took place.  This house was in full party swing!  Because Thing 2 loves to dance and create with canvas those were first on the party agenda.  Husband Jared created a bracket for a friendly Just Dance tournament, I purchased canvases and paints for the attendees and a piñata was filled with chocolate treats.  We were ready.  And lo and behold when Thing 2 walked in the door from her babysitting job she was greeted with friends yelling surprise!  Sweet success!  Let the party begin!
Decorations courtesy of Thing 1, 3 and Husband Jared

Thing 1 having too much fun playing with the piñata!

D-group girls

More piñata fun, blind fold, the spin around and then have a go!


Just Dance show down!

Silly girls!

We ended the night with sparklers of course!

Ombre cake baked and decorated with love by Thing 3
With the surprise party come and gone it was now time to celebrate the birthday girl on her actual birth-day.  And that we did!  She made an early morning trip to Starbucks with the other Things and Husband Jared, this Mama picked her up for lunch and then as a family we celebrated her at dinner with presents and cards.  Then the Things were off to youth group and upon their return there was more cake, triple chocolate mousse to be exact, and words of love and more singing!  This cake was probably one of the more labor intensive cakes Thing 2 has requested.  One of Thing 2's favorite teachers had made this cake for their class and I only hope it lived up to the expectation.  Thing 2's day was full of celebration and good times.  A sweet sixteen to be remembered.
Birthday lunch.

Make a wish.


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