Road Tripping...Again!

Back in August we were privileged enough to witness the betrothal of our dearest friends' son and his lovely bride.  Really just remembering the day brings me to tears.  We have journeyed together with this family for almost eight years now.  They played a huge part in our coming to know Jesus intimately and watching this young man's story of redemption has been nothing short of glorious.  This was a day not to be missed.  Plus how could we say no to the opportunity to spend the weekend with some of our very best friends and their family?  To answer that, we simply couldn't nor would we have.  So we headed south once again, actually for the third time in three months and we couldn't have been more excited. 
On the way down south, sometime in the middle of the night
Since we were in town we stayed with the Horel family and soaked up some Autumn and Gemma time. Gpa and Mema were home too so the girls had a day with Mema and the boy  spent the day working with Gpa.  Husband Jared and I met the girls for lunch and then they all had a sleep over party with the grandparents, played cards and sometime that night we received the picture below with the new names that the Things had given to Gpa and Mema.

Girls day with Mema, just look at those smiles.
Now known as: Guppa and Weema
Husband Jared and I were scheduled to help at the rehearsal dinner that night and we were like kids at Christmas time waiting to see our friends.  We picked up Julie and made our way to Narrow Gate, where the wedding was being held.  Following a questionable drive through the country on dirt roads and past farm land we arrived and were greeted with open arms by none other than the groom himself.  That alone made the drive worthwhile.  We set up dinner for the families, served with a smile and hugged the father and mother of the groom.  On the way home we stopped at Country Boy Café for fried chicken and Julie and I laughed and shared chocolate cake and for a moment it was just like we still lived there.  For a moment.  Gosh I miss her.

The wedding was the next day and with the Things at the grandparents' house Husband Jared and I were left to our own devices.  Well, not really, there were two sweet little nieces that snuck into our bedroom and woke us up with snuggles and kisses.  Is there anything better?  I think not.  The day called for a trip to the Farmers Market, a run for Jeff and Husband Jared, a little grocery shopping for family dinner the next day and lunch at Oscar's, but of course.  Then it was the race to get ready for the wedding before the Things arrived.  Julie and I were off early to help with pre-wedding details and the Things and Husband Jared followed.  Of course I have not one photo of the bride and groom, the majestic tree under which they were married or my sweet friend and her son together.  Fail. 
I was so caught up in the moment. 

Truly I was.  Husband Jared and I had never before attended a wedding quite like this.  Neither had the Things.  Hand written vows, a minister who has history with the couple and who addressed the family and friends that were present and offered an invitation.  An invitation to relationship, to commitment and to the greatest wedding feast known to man.  Amen and Amen.  The couple shared communion privately and then the celebration began.  Covenant made. 

On to the reception.  And this is where I do have photographs.  Take a look. 

Thing 2, Caroline (sister of the groom), Thing 1, Reilly(sister of the groom) and Thing 3,
bestest friends

My friend, mother of the groom, and Thing 4, dancing the night away!

Julie, me and Holly
The two of them have rhythm and me, well, let's just say I tried.  It was a line dance after all, I could follow along, sort of.
Could not stop laughing after seeing this one, the girl Things and friends were instructing me on how to make a certain face, which clearly I captured here...NOT!

Surely we were deep in discussion here and then the photo bomb...thanks Husband Jared, priceless.
I really can not even begin to tell you the joy and fun that was had this day.  Belly laughs.  New friends made.  Barbeque and the best cupcakes made by another dear friend and dancing.  Lots of dancing.  A sweet night filled with sweet memories. 
The fam-bam as the girlie Things say!
The next day was sweeter still.  We joined our old and new friends at church, worshipped together and then sat around the table for hours sharing stories.  Which as we all know is my very favorite place to be.  Sacred space.  When it was time to say goodbye and break bread with our family the hugs lasted just a bit longer and the tears came a bit quicker.  Never gets easier.  The next hours were spent with the Horels and Gpa and Mema, pardon me, Guppa and Weema.  Uncle Jeff treated us to homemade pita bread, grilled chicken, summer salads and left over cupcakes from the wedding.  Score!  It was the very best ending to an already great weekend. 
The next morning we rose early and hit the road for our fourteen hour trek up north.  These are the faces of expert road trippers.  I'd drive anywhere with this bunch! 
And that  my friends puts another road trip in the books.  Until next time.


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