The 4 Things' Restaurant

Husband Jared and I celebrated our seventeenth wedding anniversary this year.  With the Things older now they seem to have an understanding, or at least a loose grasp of what a big deal this is.  There was no pomp and circumstance on the actual day of our anniversary but the day after we were under strict guidelines to not make any plans for our evening.  There was a gift card for our favorite local coffee shop, mandated pool lounging and no cooking allowed for Mama.  We had no problem adhering to this plan.  Sunday afternoon was bliss.  Husband Jared and I soaked up the rays, read our books and magazines and then leisurely talked away the afternoon.  When we received the text to "come home now", we listened and arrived to Things dressed up and notes in our closet on the appropriate attire for the evening ahead.  Clothes, shoes and even jewelry had been chosen for us. 

We promptly dressed, closed our eyes and were lead downstairs by a waiter who looked quite similar to Thing 4.  This is my teary face in disbelief of what had been prepared for us.
Our waiter seated us, poured our water and presented us with the menu for the evening. 
The table set and the chalkboard complete with the night's special and a food quote that is near and dear to me.

Two selections for dessert
Pardon the spelling, there was a misprint at the printer that day.
The kitchen was close to the table and we were privy to hear all the behind the scenes banter between the staff.  A highlight of the evening for sure.
Colorful décor
We were informed shortly after being seated that there would be entertainment included as well.  Frank Sinatra was currently playing over the speakers but the scene quickly changed to Italian Opera and our lovely performer took center stage.  Thing 3 sang a beautiful piece all while we enjoyed our appetizers and Caesar salad made table side.  The waiter was kind enough to take our photo. 
We were so impressed with the quality of our meal Husband Jared snuck behind the curtain and asked the kitchen staff for a photo.  This night was to be remembered.

The salad being served table side.  Francisco our waiter minded every detail for us, before we even thought of it he refilled our water glasses, put a bib on the wine for us and delivered fresh bread before we had eaten the last slice. 
Our evening at the 4 Things' restaurant was not yet over.  There was still dessert to decide on.  We opted for the cheesecake with pecan and caramel sauce.  It was a party in my mouth.  Not to mention the staff even placed candles for our "17" celebration.  See for yourself.
By this time in the evening our bellies were full and satisfied and the restaurant was nearing closing time.  We applauded our waiter and the entire staff for a meal that will long be remembered.  Their attention to detail left nothing to chance.   The entertainment exquisite and the quality overall top notch.  Husband Jared and I will definitely return.  Maybe next year.   Are you reading Things? 

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