Another Vacation Day

I had to take a look at my pictures to see what I had missed from our vacation tales.  I missed the day we went to St. George Island.  We had researched the historic light house and thought that would be an interesteing field trip.  What I didn't realize is that in order to get to the island you have to drive over bridges.  Long, tall bridges.  On those bridges you are able to see the remnants of previous bridges in the intercoastal waterways.  What?  Remnants?  I was about to roll down the windows and inform the Things of our evacuation procedure.  I do not like bridges.  Not at all. 

Fortunately we arrived safely and returned safely, obviously.  No paperbags necessary and no evacuation procedures needed to be practiced.  Amen!

Here are photos from our day at St. George.  We attempted to tour the light house but it was closed due to the construction happening right next to it.  They are building a caretaker's museum.  We lunched at the Blue Parrot Cafe and enjoyed the beach.  There were dolphins that swam by just as we were getting ready to eat.  We could see them from our deckside table at the cafe.  We had such primo seating because Bob was with us and they would only allow him in a certain area.  They were quite accomodating though and brought him water before us humans! 

Nani photographing the Things

All 8 of us in front of the light house

Jeff, Natalie and Bob at the Visitors Center

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