Thing 2 vs. Thing 3

Last Saturday Jared and I had the privelege of watching Thing 2 and Thing 3 play against each other on the field.  Who did we cheer for?  Who won?  Who scored?  Well, I will tell you one thing it was fun.  The girls took this game very seriously, and although Thing 3 was goalie for the first half her sister did not score against her.  They did go toe to toe for a ball but Thing 2 passed it before Thing 3 could take it away.  At the end of the day Thing 2's team won the match 4-0 but Jared and I enjoyed every minute of this match up. 

What a sight to see two of our Things facing off against one another.  I was concerned for our ride home after the results but the girls were rather complimentary of each other.  Of course Thing 2, being older and all, had to remind Thing 3 that she knew her team would win!

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    okay, you are totally confusing me... Did Thing 3 lay Thing 4, or Thing 2 play Thing 3 - I thought Thing 4 wasn't playing, have they gone co-ed - Sure looks like Thing 2 played Thing 3, but what do I know, I am just the nani!!!
    You need a vacation girl!

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